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AGRIMIN; World leaders in bolus technology, animal health and micro-nutrition

Agrimin Ltd. specialise in developing and marketing sustained release trace element, vitamin and mineral boluses for ruminants.

The company has gained a reputation for technically advanced products, many of which have been developed with input from both UK and NZ based research organisations.

NZ Distribution

Agrimin New Zealand Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrimin Ltd and is responsible for the promotion and sale of our bolus products in New Zealand.

Our bolus products are registered a veterinary medicine products with ACVM and are available to NZ livestock farmers through veterinary surgeons.

Agrimin New Zealand Ltd

For more details on availability in New Zealand please contact Vetpak on (07) 870 2024 or email Chris Newton at chris.newton@vetpak.co.nz
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Agrimin 24•7 Bolus Range

Our 24•7 bolus range encompasses different technologies, all of which are designed to deliver a controlled quantity of nutrients to an individual animal over a certain period of time.

The range stands for:
A range of boluses for many different classes of livestock comprising single and multi nutrient options

A range of boluses designed to deliver accurate quantities of nutrients over specific target periods

A range of boluses manufactured to the highest standards guaranteeing top product quality for our customers

A range of boluses containing essential nutrients, produced to a quality our customers expect but available at prices they may not.

All of our boluses are designed to dissolve completely, leaving the reticulum free of any bolus residue