What are the advantages?

Agrimin boluses are a proven, convenient and cost effective way of ensuring each animal receives the correct amount of nutrients, every minute of every day for an extended period.

How do they work?

Agrimin boluses are given to the animal orally and are retained in the reticulum. Nutrients are released over an extended period of time through a process of erosion and dissolution.

Are they effective?

Our bolus ranges have been developed with input from Glasgow University Veterinary School. Many farm trials have been conducted to demonstrate efficacy and the results written up and published in peer-reviewed journals. Please contact us for a list of these publications.

Are all boluses the same?

No. There are a number of different bolus technologies available on the market with different mechanisms for releasing nutrients and for ensuring retention. Customers should make sure that the manufacturer can tell them how much of each nutrient is released over how long a period and what is the mechanism to ensure that the bolus stays inside the reticulum for the claimed period.