Agrimin 24∙7 Copper


For the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency in cattle. Agrimin 24∙7 Copper are a range of long acting boluses for the oral administration of copper to cattle. They are designed to maintain copper levels over the whole grazing season (approx 6 months). After ingestion, Agrimin 24∙7 Copper boluses quickly disintegrate in the rumen and the contents are released into the digestive tract. Proportions lodge in the folds of the walls of the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. Copper oxide particles, released in the rumen pass through to the abomasum where the acid environment causes the dissolution of the copper oxide. The copper ion is then available for absorption.



The different sizes are designed to ensure the correct dose is administered based on the requirement of (approximately) 0.1g copper oxide needles per kg live weight. This is appropriate even in the most challenging situations.

The dosage regimes and target animals for the three boluses are:

20g BolusOne bolus per 200kg liveweight
Target AnimalsYoung bulls and heifers going into their first winter
30g BolusOne bolus per 300kg liveweight
Target animalsYoung bulls, heifers or 600kg breeding animals that are dosed with 2 x 30g boluses
36g BolusOne bolus per 360kg liveweight
Target animalsYoung bulls and in-calf heifers (early gestation)

Administer orally. Place the bolus at the back of the mouth. Always use the recommended Agrimin Bolus applicator.

Product Benefits

  • Convenient long term, effective copper supplementation
  • High safety margin
  • No withholding period
  • No breakages or damage prior to or during administration (they can be handled in the rain) unlike gelatine capsules
  • Practical cardboard packaging can be easily disposed of in farm refuse
  • Easy to administer

Warnings and Caution

The Agrimin 24∙7 Copper range of boluses are Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM)


Do not use unless copper deficiency is a risk or has been identified, and ideally liver copper levels should be assessed prior to supplementation.

Following administration other forms of copper supplementation should not be given.

Only repeat treatment within 12 months when specifically indicated by laboratory tests.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Take care and time when dosing to avoid injury to the mouth and throat. Use only the approved applicator

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