All-Trace Trace Element Boluses for Cattle

For the control of trace element and mineral deficiencies, for eight months, in grazing cattle


All-Trace Boluses for cattle are designed to correct deficiencies of seven trace elements and three vitamins that may occur in the pasture. After ingestion the boluses lie at the bottom of the reticulum and/or rumen and slowly dissolve from a constant surface area, providing a continuous supply of trace elements and vitamins to cattle for approximately 8 months. During this process the boluses completely dissolve, leaving no residue in the rumen.


All-Trace Boluses are suitable for all classes of cattle over 150kg (we advise a minimum weight of 200kg in larger continental breeds).

DOSE: Administer two boluses per animal.

Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator – Cattle Bolus Applicator A

The active life of All-Trace is 240 days

When to use All-Trace

All-Trace is a versatile product with numerous entry points for a range of different classes of cattle.  There are two approaches:

• Bolus in relation to the seasons
• Intervention at specific points in the production cycle

Both are appropriate allowing the farmer choice that suits their own production system and provides a complete package of trace elements for the target animal.

Bolus in relation to the seasons

In New Zealand, this is linked to the need to provide copper (and selenium) supplementation in the autumn after the facial eczema season together the decline in copper levels over winter.
This strategy can be used with:

a)  Young bulls and heifers going into their first winter, approximately 9 months of age and weighing 200kg.
b)  Breeding cows in early autumn.

Bolus in relation to production cycle

This is the most common means of using All-Trace in dairy cows.  There are numerous intervention points including:

a)  Target cows at drying off in the autumn/winter. There is heavy demand for trace elements in the final trimester of pregnancy. All-Trace will also give a carry-over benefit in terms of cell counts.
b)  Pre- mating cows and heifers (September/October).  Bolus the animal 3-4 weeks before the introduction of the bull.
c) AI and Embryo transfer programmes. Bolus the animal 3-4 weeks before the programme starts.


  •  Control trace element deficiencies
  •  Proven long term, effective trace element supplementation
  •  Lasts  approximately 240 days
  •  Controlled release of nutrients
  •  High safety margin
  •  No withholding period
  •  Complete package of trace elements for grazing animals in a single, two bolus, dose

Warnings and caution

All-Trace is a Restricted Veterinary Medicine (RVM)


 Do not use at the same time as any other selenised or copper or cobalt containing fertilisers, prill or product without consulting a veterinarian.
• Do not administer boluses to animals weighing less than 150kg body weight (less than 200kg body weight in large continental breeds). Smaller animals may experience some difficulty in swallowing the boluses. When administering to young animals, extra care should be taken to ensure no damage is done to the animal’s mouth or throat.
• Do not exceed stated dose volume and frequency.
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. A7796

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