Rumbul Bullets for Cattle

To aid the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cattle


Rumbul Bullets are used as an aid in the prevention of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers or grass tetany) in cattle during the high risk period associated with calving and early lactation in the spring. Electrolytic breakdown within the reticulum or rumen gives continuous slow release of magnesium for absorption by the animal.

All of the available magnesium is utilised.


Each bullet contains 40g of elemental magnesium and has an active life of approximately 28 days in the rumen

Cattle Bolus Applicator A

Rumbul Bullets for Cattle


Rumbul bullets are ideal for dairy cows on rapidly growing spring grass. They are also effective in transition dairy cows.

DOSE: Two Rumbul bullets should be given to each animal, two or three days before calving or at the anticipated onset of the risk period.

Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator – Cattle Bolus Applicator A

If protection is required beyond 28 days, a further two bullets should be administered.

Product Benefits

• Effective aid to the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cattle

• Guaranteed supply of magnesium during high risk period

• 28 days continuous supply of magnesium

Warnings and caution

Variations in the rate of breakdown of Rumbul bullets can be caused by variation in the diet.

Rumbul bullets are not indicated for the treatment of clinical hypomagnesaemia. They can, however, be usefully incorporated into a treatment programme which involves the administration of other magnesium supplements.

If in doubt, consult with your veterinarian.

• Do not administer Rumbul bullets to cows that have received Selenium pellets within the previous 6 weeks.Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. A7797